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Get ready for an exciting journey deep into the Amazon rainforest! Imagine yourself on an Amazon trip exploring the upper reaches of the exotic Amazon River, one of the world’s greatest ecosystems. Spend your days hiking through the rainforest, exploring by small boat, viewing wildlife, fishing for piranha, all while surrounded by sights and sounds most people have only imagined.


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Pick up from your hotel at 8:00am to go to Ceasa Port where you will get to see the Amazon freshwater fish market. Then we will take our houseboat to the famous ‘Meeting of the Waters’ where the Rio Negro and the Solimôes meet to form the Amazon River, where you will have an opportunity to take photos and hear an explanation of the phenomenon.

We continue upriver to the Janauary Ecological Park, where we will take a catwalk through the jungle to see the famous giant water lilies, take photos and hear about the ecology. We will see one of the biggest trees in the rainforest, the Samaura, before returning to the houseboat for lunch.

After lunch we will go piranha fishing and then return to the houseboat to start heading upriver to Cachoeiro do Castanha village, where we will stay overnight. On the way upriver, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset dinner. After dinner we will go out for a nocturnal canoe ride to explore the area and spot nocturnal wildlife. Maybe a snake, or another animal – whatever nature has in store for us. We will return to spend the night on the houseboat.

Arriving at a small village named Careiro, we will board our van for one hour and half traveling on the BR 319/AM 254 highway where we will have the chance to make a stop to see the water lilies. After driving on federal highway , we will take the state highway 254 where you may enjoy , the round , and pleasant landscape.

Then it’s on to (Mutuca River) where our regional wood canoe boat will be waiting for us to go to (Amzon Green tours jungle lodge) accommodation lunch, in the afternoon leave the lodge by Speed boat down stream along the mutuca river with great view of the landscape to (Muritinga Lake) for piranha fishing Dolphin Spot and great chance to see the most exotic birds of region after sunset, in the way back to the lodge you do Aligators spot and start to return to the lodge, in the way back sometime we can see snake or owl that is up to your luck, then dinner and overnight.


Amazon Green Tours Jungle Lodge is located 200km southeast os Manaus on Mutuca River.


Imagine yourself on an Amazon trip exploring the upper reaches of the exotic Amazon River, one of the world’s greatest ecosystems.

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Amazon Green Tours offers a wide variety of activities and tours in each of its Experiences. According to the number of days at the Amazon Green Tours, a schedule is designed with the essentials to experience the Amazon, with safety, comfort, and adventure.

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A connection to something that attracts us

Traveling is the search for landscapes, cultures, people and experiences that can transform us. It is the desire to create a connection with something that attracts us, a city, a people, a new world.

This search is completed when it finds, on the other side, welcoming people and communities, capable of presenting their world, their history, their place.

Amazon Green Tours welcomes visitors who want to have a unique experience in the Amazon with lots of adventure, sharing our culture and our land. Come spend a few days with us, we are just 3 hours from Manaus by car and boat. We will be pleased to welcome you to our community and introduce you to the charms of the lower Rio Negro region.

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Discover the Amazon

Amazon Green Tours
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