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Rua 10 de Julho, 695 - Centro Manaus, AM.

Elso is originally from Lake Tucuma

Located 120km southwest of Manaus, the other side of Lake Juma. He started working as a jungle guide when he was 15 years old. Paula grew up in a Rio Negro community 80km east of Manaus. They learned about the rainforest wildlife and vegetation around the area where they grew up and beyond. In 2011 they decided to open their own tour business. They specialise in organising individual excursions to virgin rainforest and remote areas along the river in swampland environment on Lake Juma and in Jaú National Park and Anavilhanas Resort.


Amazon Green Tours
Elso Lima & Paula Arcangela
Rua 10 de julho, number 718 room 213 (in the centre, 2 minutes from the opera house).
CNPJ number:14.403.667/0001-40
EMBRATUR (Ministry of tourism) with the number 03.044619.10.0001-9
Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
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Amazon Green Tours
Rua 10 de Julho, 695 - Centro - Manaus, AM.
Phone: +55 92 99106-5650
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