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Uirupuru tour - 4 days and 3 nights


 Day 1) Pick up at your hotel at 8 am to Ceasa Port where you may see a small fish market. Right after that , you will be going to Xiborena to play with the giant fresh water scale fish or Pirarucu , as it is known in Brazil . Soon after that we will head for the meeting of the rivers for photos and explanations from the guide telling why where the two rivers, Rio Negro and Solimôes , don’t mix after flowing a long stretch to form the Amazon River, the longest river in the world.

Arriving at a small village named Careiro, we will board our van for one hour and half traveling on the BR 319/AM 254 highway where we will have the chance to make a stop to see the water lilies. After driving on federal highway , we will take the state highway 254 where you may enjoy , the round , and pleasant landscape.

Then it’s on to (Mutuca River) where our regional wood canoe boat will be waiting for us to go to (Amzon Green tours jungle lodge) accommodation lunch, in the afternoon leave the lodge by Speed boat down stream along the mutuca river with great view of the landscape to (Muritinga Lake) for piranha fishing Dolphin Spot and great chance to see the most exotic birds of region after sunset, in the way back to the lodge you do Aligators spot and start to return to the lodge, in the way back sometime we can see snake or owl that is up to your luck, then dinner and overnight.

Day 2) 5:30 am sunrise breakfast. After breakfast, we leave for the jungle for a three hr. hike to see medicinal plants, water vines, spiders, frogs, butterflies and survival techniques in the jungle and you have the opportunity learn how the indigineous people make trap.

Return for lunch In the afternoon, you have the opportunity to go out for canoeing in the creeks ( Igarapés), depending on the season, in the dry season we will do along the river, where you have the opportunity to see more wildlife, like monkeys, birds and toucans . You return for dinner and afterwards you go for another nocturnal night  hiking for about 30 to 40  minuts to listen the nature sounds and to spot nocturna wildlife and then return for overnight.


Day 3) At 5;20am you will leave for small canoeing to spot wildlife Birds and monkey return for Breakfast, then you leave to upstream to exploring on Mutuca river to see when of the largest tree on Amazon rainforest in the way upstream to you may have great opportunity see more wildlife, then return for lunch, in the afternoon we will leave for overnight in the jungle using hammocks and mosquito nets.

We set up our camp and you will learn how the natives survival in the wild using natural things like leaves to make a plates and using wood to make spoon.we'll have dinner and afterward we go out for small nocturnal  hike to spot nights life back to the camp to sleep.

Day 4) Breakfast in the jungle, a walk to explore the area and return to camp where we will pack up everything and start back to the lodge. for lunch and at 14;00pm you start to leave the lodge to arrive in your hotel or hostel at 17;pm

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