About Us

Amazon Green Tours is a genuine Amazonian family business, a childhood dream that came true in 2011. Owners Paula Arcangela and Elso Lima are two young caboclos, born and raised in the Amazon jungle.

Knowing the needs of our Amazonian people, we always prioritize bringing work and awareness about the importance of the Amazon for everybody. So we decided to have our own enterprise with a great responsibility to always protect our nature.

With ecological tourism, we have brought development into the communities, where the indigenous caboclos themselves earn their living and know how important it is to maintain and preserve nature.
Today our company has been operating in the ecotourism market for more than 10 years.

About our guest house

We spent 4 years looking for a place to build, but we didn’t want just any place, so God was wonderful and took us to the Mutuca River, a place 200 km from Manaus with its preserved vegetation.

Today we are the only ecological inn in this region, here you won’t see any other tour company exploring the area, just us together with the local community.

Upon arriving at Mutuca River, we immediately implemented our social project helping the community.

Our inn took 2 years to build, due to the fact that all the wood was recycled from the jungle, without cutting down any trees.

Our entire Sanitary system is ecologically prepared so as not to harm nature.

If you want to know more about our history, come and enjoy an experience in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Amazon Green Tours

Elso Lima & Paula Arcangela

Rua 10 de Julho 695, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
(in the centre, 2 minutes from the opera house) (Google Maps)

CNPJ: 14.403.667/0001-40

EMBRATUR (Ministry of tourism): 03.044619.10.0001-9

Tel: +55 92 99106 5650

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