Social Projects

What led us to create our own social project was the lack of school supplies in the jungle. Our parents didn’t have money to buy school supplies, so my siblings and I shared the same notebooks and pencils.

  My life story is very similar to my husband’s story as a child in the jungle. Today our project has been helping river communities and children in the interior of the jungle for about 10 years. From the sales we make of each client, we use 30% to help the jungle communities. We buy materials, medicines and basic food baskets. On top of that we inform them about the importance of protection of nature.

 We only count on the help of friends and clients who know the true reality of the Amazon.

Amazon Green Tours

Elso Lima & Paula Arcangela

Rua 10 de Julho 695, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
(in the centre, 2 minutes from the opera house) (Google Maps)

CNPJ: 14.403.667/0001-40

EMBRATUR (Ministry of tourism): 03.044619.10.0001-9

Tel: +55 92 99106 5650

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